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ohavr 06.10.2023

Anezka joined Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute for 6 months


Our Ph.D. student, Anežka (second from left), just came back from her 6 months  stay in the laboratory of Dr. Gaël Roué (Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute, Barcelona, Spain), where she focused on chicken chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) tumor model. Wery interesting and nice internship!


ohavr 06.10.2023

Ondrej succesfully defended Bc. thesis - Copy


Our Bc. student, Ondrej Hostas, just succesfully defended his Bc. thesis with the best grade (vyborne)!


ohavr 06.10.2023

Václav very successful at student’s conference


Success at the 2023 students conference of the First School of Medicine, Charles University 

Vaclav was awarded second place in the postgraduate poster section!



ohavr 06.10.2023

Anezka and Filip received GAUK grants


Both submitted GAUK grants from our Ph.D. students Anezka and Filip were selected for funding! Big success, congratulations!

ohavr 06.10.2023

Anton received support from EHA


Anton just received one year funding form the European Hematology Association - Ukraine Bridge Program.

We are very happy about it and big thank to EHA!

ohavr 06.10.2023

Vaclav spend 3 months in the laboratory of prof. Chapuy


Within our ongoing collaboration, our Ph.D. student, Vaclav, just came back from three moths fellowship in the laboratory of Bjoern Chapuy (Department of Hematology, Oncology and Tumorimmunology Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany), focusing mainly on alternative AKT activation in lymphomas. A very good opportunity to visit a top lymphoma research lab.

ohavr 25.03.2023

New member of our laboratory


We are happy that assoc prof. AntonTkchanko, MD, PhD from Kharkiv National Medical University just joined our lab for 5 moths stay!


ohavr 25.03.2023

Two our PhD students selected for MD/PhD program


Our second year PhD students, Drs. Ondeckova and Senavova, were selected for prestigious MD/PhD program of General University Hospital in Prague and First Faculty of Medicine (Charles University). Congratulations!

ohavr 06.10.2023

Victoriia succesfully defended Bc. thesis


Our Bc. student, Victoriia Kulinich, just succesfully defended her Bc. thesis with the best grade (vyborne)!


ohavr 25.03.2023

Our review on the current status of circulating tumor DNA in Hodgkin Lymphoma just published.


Working on the project of circulating tumor DNA in lymphomas, we reviewed all available literature to create the most relevant study design. Having detailed notes on these studies, we decided to summarize all the comprehensive information in a review article to make it readily available to the scientific community.


ohavr 25.06.2021

FRET-based AKT activity biosnesor article accepted


We are happy that our article summarizing the upgrades of FRET-based AKT activity reporter, including newly developed techniques of FRET detection using conventional cytometry as well as spectral cytometry got accepted for publication! We believe that this makes the use of such biosensors and FRET detection much easier and generally accessible.



ohavr 25.06.2021

Václav and Tereza were very successful at student’s conference


Both abstracts submitted for the 2021 students conference of the First School of Medicine, Charles University, by our PhD students Tereza Chrbolková and Václav Heřman were selected for oral presentation!

Moreover, Václav was awarded a first price in the oral section of PhD students!



ohavr 25.06.2021

Kristýna joined ETH Zurrich for six months


We are very happy that Kristýna Kupcová from our lab got the opportunity to join the laboratory of prof. Zamboni at ETH Zurich for six months, one of the best metabolomics laboratories. This is an outstanding opportunity. We are looking forward to our metabolomics studies and collaborations.


ohavr 25.06.2021

Patryk Gorniak joined our lab


Patryk Gorniak, Ph.D. just joined our lab for nine moths stay to work on a collaborative project between our laboratory and the laboratory of prof. Przemyslaw Juszczynski (Institute of Hematology and Transfusion Medicine, Warsaw, Poland) on BCR endocytosis using our genetic models of BCR signaling. Very interesting project.